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We are a global law firm with offices in Canada and Jamaica with experienced lawyers who practice in Ontario, New York, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, and Kenya.

We provide services in English and Kiswahili.

Why You Can Trust Kazembe & Associates

We are a dynamic and innovative international law firm with experienced and highly qualified professionals in our core practice.

As one of Toronto’s most trusted law firms, Kazembe & Associates has the reputation and experience necessary to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your current legal situation. The firm specializes in real estate law, civil litigation, family law, criminal defense, estate law, immigration law, corporate law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Our Legal Practice Areas

Wills, Trusts & Estates Law

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience when it comes to estate planning and administration. We offer services in drafting Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Trust Agreements; Probates; Estate Administration; and Estate

Family Law

At Kazembe & Associates, we are highly experienced in all areas of family law, including: Prenuptial Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Separation Agreements, Divorce Applications, Custody & Access Applications, and litigation. Our capabilities, knowledge, responsiveness, and confident attorneys, will help to ensure the most optimal direction.

Immigration Law

With our expertise and experience, Kazembe & Associates can lead you through the process and facilitate your successful immigration to Canada. Our services include Permanent Residency Applications, Work and Study Permits, and Appeals.

Civil Litigation Law

At Kazembe & Associates, we are highly experienced in many areas of civil litigation. Our knowledgeable and experienced paralegals and lawyers can aid you in litigating your Small Claims Court or Superior Court matter.

Criminal Law

At Kazembe & Associates, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that you receive the best possible legal defense, giving you equal footing against the prosecution through resourceful, passionate representation. Our expertise includes but is not limited to theft, assault, break & enter, drug offences, youth offences, impaired driving, provincial offences, bail hearings, and pardons.

Real Estate Law

Kazembe & Associates specializes in all areas of real estate law, including: Lease Agreements, Mortgages and Re-Financing, purchasing residential and commercial property, permits, property development, Trust Deeds, preparing and reviewing documents, assisting with zoning disputes, attending the closing, and much more.

Corporate, Labour & Employment Law

Kazembe & Associates specializes in multi-jurisdictional contract law. We are experienced in other areas of corporate law as well, including incorporation, corporation management, corporate litigation, and employment contracts. The employer-employee relationship is an essential component of business success. By using best-practice approaches and creative thinking, we generate effective and practical solutions for our clients, allowing them to identify and minimize risks before costly problems arise. When difficult situations surface, our clients benefit from our detailed knowledge of their industries and our experience as negotiators, problem solvers, and litigators. We are able to draw upon broad interdisciplinary resources within our firm that enable us to view legal issues from all angles.

Health Care

Health Care has become one of the most complex and heavily regulated industries. Overlapping statutes, insurance and pharmaceutical regulations, ever-changing privacy laws, and licensing board regulations are just a few of the legal challenges faced by healthcare companies and professionals today. ​The attorneys at Kazembe & Associates assist in providing counsel in addressing regulatory, transactional, and litigation needs. We specialize in providing top quality counsel for health care companies and professionals. Our meticulous attention to detail has given our attorneys a reputation for delivering favorable results for their clients.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

The process of litigating a Personal Injury or Wrongful Death lawsuit can be complicated and stressful. You can trust that our attorneys will advocate for you and your family. With decades of experience to represent you in your personal injury or wrongful death cases. We educate our clients on all aspects of these types of cases. We fight for the compensation that our clients deserve and provide guidance and support to our clients, as we understand how difficult life can be after suffering a serious personal injury or after unexpectedly losing a loved one. If you have been seriously injured or if a family member has suffered an unexpected and untimely death due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful conduct, we are here to get the results you deserve.

Satisfied Client Stories

This correspondence is a testimonial to the exceptional work undertaken by Kazembe & Associates in helping my family navigate a rather difficult estate matter. Words cannot express our gratitude for your professionalism, expediency and kindness through the process.

Mrs. Verna Miller

Your help with our real estate closing was brilliant!

Donna McCarthy

Thank you for your excellent, professional and effective work your firm has done to help us. Your commitment to community and compassion was very much appreciated.

Jamaica 50 Celebration Inc

Meet Our Attorneys

We value our team members, their intellect and decision-making characters. We are proud we managed to gather smart, talented and client-oriented staff, and we are happy to introduce them to our clients!

Courtney Kazembe

(416) 633-8311 ext. 101

Jamaican | Canadian

Akuna Noble

(876) 946-1361 ext. 400

Akuna Noble
LAWYER - Jamaican

Ruthan Kayon Campbell

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Sean-Christopher Castle

(876) 946-1361 ext. 401

Sean-Christopher Castle
LAWYER - Jamaican

Yvonne Ekoma

416 633 8311 ext. 110

Yvonne Ekoma

Anika Spence

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Anika Spence-
LAWYER - Jamaican

Elena Pitucci

416 633 8311 ext. 100

Elena Pitucci
Law Clerk / Receptionist - Canadian

We value our team members, their intellect and decision-making characters. We are proud we managed to gather smart, talented and client-oriented staff, and we are happy to introduce them to our clients!

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Dealing with the legal system is often an overwhelming experience, which is why Kazembe & Associates  emphasizes client communication and personalized service.

Knowing what is happening at all times and having the intricacies of your case explained in approachable language can greatly reduce the stress of your various legal issues.

Kazembe & Associates are committed not only to procuring you an advantageous decision but also to helping make your legal and court experience as stress-free as possible.

A Reputation for Excellence

Drawing on decades of experience and a commitment to legal excellence, Kazembe & Associates is acclaimed for its professionalism, robust advocacy, commitment to clients, and most importantly, an excellent track record of courtroom successes.

When it comes to legal issues that will have a lasting effect on your future, you can’t afford to take on sub-par representation.

Our clients know that when they turn to us for counsel, they will receive the best legal services available and can rest assured that they will be adequately represented.

The strength of our firm lies in our team’s extensive experience, knowledgeable, and unimpeachable records.