broken contracts

Broken contracts relatively frequently occur. This is probably because the legal system can be a confusing place to navigate, and contract law in particular can be downright frightening. However, we enter into contracts all the time, and it is important to understand the ramifications of the agreements we make. Although legal representation is always the best option when facing issues related to contracts, it does not hurt to have a basic understanding of the ins and outs of the system yourself.

Contracts can take on a host of different forms. We enter into contracts when we lease, purchase or sell homes, gain employment or employ others, purchase mobile phone and Internet plans, and even do something as simple as making a verbal agreement. Some contracts are stated in an obvious manner, while others are simply assumed, which means that you may be entering into a contract without even knowing you are doing so.

When a contract is broken, the repercussions can vary widely. If you believe you are at risk of breaking a contract, or if someone else has infringed upon your rights by disregarding the terms of a legally binding agreement, it is essential for you to gain a better understanding of contract law and to enlist the help of experienced professionals. At Kazembe & Associates’ free seminar “He Said, She Said: Broken Contracts,” you will find the support and information you need to protect yourself and your interests in any situation involving broken contracts and contract law in general.

This is part of Kazembe & Associates “In the Know” legal information sessions. A series of free breakfast seminars presented by Kazembe & Associates. The seminars are intended to help you understand your rights and options in a variety of legal situations.

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