Human Rights

Although the basic human rights are universal—or at least should be—different regions face different problems with human rights violations. While one country might struggle with guaranteeing basic necessities to disenfranchised portions of the population while a small minority abuses its power and accumulates wealth at the expense of the environment, another may face problems with human trafficking or abuses in the health care system. But whatever manifestation these various problems take, they all represent violations of basic rights that must be enjoyed by all members of our global community if equality, sustainability, and universal prosperity are to become more than an idealistic pipe dream.

This week, Kazembe & Associates’ free seminar series In the Know will feature a special guest speaker from the Human Rights Commission. As our topic of discussion, we will focus on human rights issues in Ontario, including recent successes, common violations and what we can do as individuals to guarantee the rights of our fellow community members. A must-attend for anyone concerned about their own rights and the rights of others, this event promises to be one of the most important of the series.

This is part of Kazembe & Associates “In the Know” legal information sessions. A series of free breakfast seminars presented by Kazembe & Associates. The seminars are intended to help you understand your rights and options in a variety of legal situations.

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