Ruthan Kayon Campbell


Paralegals are dedicated members of our team, their services are used to better accommodate your needs. We ensure you receive the best paralegal services that include; reporting, notaries, proper documentation and filing systems in place. Their legal work is what makes your case more substantial. Paralegals in Ontario bring a vast wealth of legal knowledge and their work is of essential value to daily functions of any law firm.

Our paralegal team assists in many duties including:

Legal Research & Presentations

  • Assist lawyers preparing for trials, hearings, and closings.
  • Conduct legal research for records, court files, and gather relevant information to the case.
  • Identify appropriate laws, judicial decisions, and legal articles.
  • Analyze information and prepare reports for the case.
  • Prepare presentations for the lawyer and client.


Client Interviews

  • Conduct client interviews, witness and other parties related to the case.
  • Observe questioning and take notes for subsequent interviews.
  • Prepare memos and summarizes testimonies for legal documentation.
  • Administers oaths, take affidavits and depositions.

Drafting Legal Documents

  • Draft legal correspondence and pleadings; complaints, subpoenas, interrogatories, pretrial orders, and legal briefs.
  • Prepare legal documents, court reports and affidavits.
  • Assemble documentary evidence for reports and legal documentation.
  • Witness and certify signature validity.
  • Write contracts and prepare promissory notes.
  • General office and clerical duties.

These are just a few of the daily tasks our paralegal team performs. While those working the latter duties are not required to be licensed, as of May 2018, paralegals in Ontario are regulated and licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. The same institution that governs the regulation of lawyers. They are required to carry professional liability insurance and are qualified to represent the public in a number of proceedings. Regardless of the area of law, paralegals are able to remain organized and can multitask day-to-day activities in our office.