Employee Terminations: Minimizing Your Risks

Employee Terminations: Minimizing Your Risks


In a time fraught with fiscal uncertainty and an ongoing global financial crisis, job security is of the utmost importance. Large portions of the population are now suffering the effects of unemployment, and for those fortunate enough to have steady work, collapsing industries and the threat of downsizing can be quite stressful. Although nothing in […]

He Said, She Said: Broken Contracts

The legal system can be a confusing place to navigate, and contract law in particular can be downright frightening. However, we enter into contracts all the time, and it is important to understand the ramifications of the agreements we make. Although legal representation is always the best option when facing issues related to contracts, it […]

All Work and no Play: When Your Work Becomes Difficult

For a lucky few who make a living doing what they love, going to work is a pleasure to be looked forward to. For others, however, it can become a necessary chore that is only borderline tolerable. In this case, extra stresses beyond those normally experienced at the workplace can serve to exacerbate the situation […]

A New Home

Last week, full service law firm Kazembe and Associates hosted a special real estate open house. Now, to celebrate the success of the event, this real estate lawyer in Toronto is happy to announce $700 closing costs (plus disbursements) for real estate closings. Spring is the season for change—for new homes and nesting—and this is […]

Multi-Jurisdictional Real Estate Law

Real estate law can be a complicated process, especially in foreign countries. Fortunately, Kazembe and Associates is a multi-jurisdictional law firm with lawyers in Jamaica who specialize in Jamaican real estate law. Whether you are buying or selling a home, looking for a new office complex, or running a large-scale real estate firm, we can […]

Human Rights in Ontario: Guest Speaker from Human Rights Commission

Although the basic human rights are universal—or at least should be—different regions face different problems with human rights violations. While one country might struggle with guaranteeing basic necessities to disenfranchised portions of the population while a small minority abuses its power and accumulates wealth at the expense of the environment, another may face problems with […]

Holy #@$*, I’m Being Sued: Knowing Your Course of Action

For most professionals—and individuals in general—a lawsuit is a total nightmare. Ranging from annoying and time consuming to financially and professionally crippling, a lawsuit upsets your personal and professional life, drains resources, causes huge amounts of stress and can result in a damaged reputation (or worse). With lawsuits becoming increasingly common in our society, it […]

Where There’s a Will: Estate Planning

Estate planning is far from a popular task in Western society, which tends to have an aversion to anything death-related. However, it is never wise to leave essential decisions and preparations to the last moment—particularly when one considers the life’s various uncertainties. By planning your estate in advance, you can save your family a huge […]