Price List

As a community firm, we are aware of the challenges of some of the clients in our neighborhood. We believe in making good legal services accessible to all, and price our basic services so that everyone can afford good legal representation.

Please note that prices are for the basic services noted above and do not include expenses, disbursements, and government filings. Feel free to call us today to discuss your legal needs.

Fee Schedule

Consultation: $99
Notarization: $49
Commission: $19
Demand Letter: $349
Independent Legal Advice (ILA): $449

Simple Divorce: $1499

Business Registrations
Federal Incorporation: $299
Provincial Incorporation: $299
Business Name: $199
Professional Incorporation: $2999

Criminal Defence
Review Disclosure: $399
Negotiated Guilty Plea: $1549
Apply for Pardon: $1199
Bail Hearing: $1499
DUI (no trial): $4999

Trial: $2999 per day

Disbursements and HST are additional.

Please contact us if your matter does not appear in the above fee schedule.