Corporate Law

Multi-Jurisdictional Contract

The intricacies of one country’s legal system can be confusing enough, so dealing with multi-jurisdictional law can be downright intimidating. For those maintaining residences or businesses in multiple countries, or entering into contracts with overseas entities, legal representation by a firm well versed in the laws of all countries involved is virtually mandatory.

Kazembe and Associates focus on multi-jurisdictional contract law, with a special emphasis on the Caribbean and Jamaican law. Equally qualified to represent our clients in both Canada and the Caribbean, we are equipped to deal with all aspects of your contract, whether here or overseas. Your contract comprises the basis of your business relationship, and it is essential that it is composed in a way that protects you from litigation, criminal charges, and disadvantageous business deals. Rather than allowing law firms in different countries to juggle the various domestic aspects of your contract, count on Kazembe and Associates for in-house multi-jurisdictional representation.

Business corporations may be incorporated under the Business Corporations Act by filing Articles of Incorporation together with the required supporting documents and payment of the required fee. It is the responsibility of the incorporator to ensure that Articles of Incorporation are properly filed with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services in accordance with the Business Corporations Act and that they conform to all applicable laws.

Not-for-profit corporations may be incorporated under the Corporations Act by filing an Application for Incorporation of a Corporation Without Share Capital, along with supporting documents and payment of the required fee

Before initiating the incorporation process, it is important to consult an expert in corporate law. Kazembe and Associates has extensive experience in all aspects of corporate law and can attend to any corporate legal needs you might have.

 Corporate Litigation

Members of a company generally have rights against each other and against the company, as framed under the company’s constitution. In relation to the exercise of their rights, minority shareholders usually have to accept that, because of the limits of their voting rights, they cannot direct the overall control of the company and must accept the will of the majority (often expressed as majority rule).

However, majority rule can be iniquitous, particularly where there is one controlling shareholder.

Know your rights as a shareholder, or protect yourself from corporate litigations. Seek the proper legal representation from us now. Do not be caught like John X  handcuffed and possibly facing imprisonment.

Employment Contracts

The employment agreement is the foundation of the relationship between the employer and the employee. We assist employees and employers in understanding their contractual rights and in negotiating reasonable terms of employment.

Acting for both employers and employees gives us a tactical advantage because we understand the competing interests on both sides of the table. This knowledge, combined with thoughtful negotiation and strategic positioning, yields optimal results for our clients.