Multi – Jurisdictional Law

The intricacies of one country’s legal system can be confusing enough, so dealing with multi-jurisdictional law can be downright intimidating. For those maintaining residences or businesses in multiple countries, or entering into contracts with overseas entities, legal representation by a firm well versed in the laws of all countries involved is virtually mandatory.

Kazembe and Associates focuses on multi-jurisdictional contract law, with a special emphasis on Caribbean and Jamaican law. Equally qualified to represent our clients in both Canada and the Caribbean, we are equipped to deal with all aspects of your contract, whether here or overseas. Your contract comprises the basis of your business relationship, and it is essential that it is composed in a way that protects you from litigation, criminal charges, and disadvantageous business deals. Rather than allowing law firms in different countries to juggle the various domestic aspects of your contract, count on Kazembe and Associates for in-house multi-jurisdictional representation.