Immigration Law

Permanent Resident

Becoming a permanent resident is a process that can take a very long time to get through if you don’t have adequate legal counsel. In Canada, Permanent Residency means that you are able to live in Canada permanently, including the right to work, study, and access social services.
Permanent Residency can be obtained under one of the following categories:
Family Sponsorship
Skilled Workers
Canadian Experience Class
Express Entry
Permanent Residence Cards
Provincial Immigration Programs
Business Immigration

Work Permit

Securing a steady paycheck is the first step to a new life in any country. Let us help you navigate the legal process of getting you a Work Permit quickly. With our many years of experience, we know what channels to use in order to expedite the process for our clients.
The biggest mistake people make when immigrating to a new country is not getting their legal documents figured out early on. Get us started on getting you a work permit today!

Student Permit

If you are planning on studying abroad you will need a Student Permit to live in the foreign country. Acquiring a student permit can a take a very long time and often causes students to miss the beginning of their year. Don’t risk having to wait for a permit and get one of your highly trained lawyers on your case today.

Skilled Worker

Immigrating to a country as a skilled worker means that you are granted residency based on your knowledge and skills. If a country believes that you will contribute to its economy they will give you the right to live and work inside its borders. The rules governing skilled worker visas can change, often without notice, so it is important to understand the latest rules and regulations governing immigration to the country.