There is no substitute for competent, professional legal representation, particularly when sorting through the intricacies of a complex legal system. When you need someone to advocate on your behalf, you will find that Kazembe & Associates commitment to quality representation includes prompt responses to your inquiries, detailed explanations of your options and thorough preparation of your case. No matter what your situation, you can rely on Kazembe & Associates to provide the expert counsel you need. Since 1996, clients throughout North America and the Caribbean have enjoyed the benefits of our expertise, knowledge and experience. We look forward to representing you.


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Excellent Customer Service

Dealing with the legal system is often an overwhelming experience, which is why Kazembe & Associates  emphasizes client communication and personalized service.

Knowing what is happening at all times and having the intricacies of your case explained in approachable language can greatly reduce the stress of your various legal issues.

Kazembe & Associates are committed not only to procuring you an advantageous decision but also to helping make your legal and court experience as stress-free as possible.

A Reputation for Excellence

Drawing on decades of experience and a commitment to legal excellence, Kazembe & Associates is acclaimed for its professionalism, robust advocacy, commitment to clients, and most importantly, an excellent track record of courtroom successes.

When it comes to legal issues that will have a lasting effect on your future, you can’t afford to take on sub-par representation.

Our clients know that when they turn to us for counsel, they will receive the best legal services available and can rest assured that they will be adequately represented.

The strength of our firm lies in our team’s extensive experience, knowledgeable, and unimpeachable records.