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Criminal Law

Criminal law is concerned with individuals who commit crimes, where the prosecution includes people deciding whether the individual should be punished for their conduct or lack thereof.

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Immigration Law

The legalities of immigrating to a new country are often complicated and difficult to getapassportcomprehend. When applying for permanent residence overseas…

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Family Law

At Kazembe and Associates PC., we are highly experienced in relation to all areas of family law – property matters, child custody disputes, separation and divorce.

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Real Estate Law

When it comes time to buy or sell a property, people are often surprised at how complicated the process can actually be. The sale of a home or other property represents a major transaction…

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There is no substitute for competent, professional legal representation, particularly when sorting through the intricacies of a complex legal system. When you need someone to advocate on your behalf, you will find that Kazembe and Associates commitment to quality representation includes prompt responses to your inquiries, detailed explanations of your options and thorough preparation of your case. No matter what your situation, you can rely on Kazembe and Associates to provide the expert counsel you need. Since 1962, clients throughout North America and the Caribbean have enjoyed the benefits of our expertise, knowledge and experience. We look forward to representing you.




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As registered Notaries in the US, Kazembe and Associates can assist you with any documents that need notarizing.