The project manager is a position that requires project management, customer relationship management, financial/budgeting, and resource management/team building skills. Previous experience in legal support / management and/or electronic discovery is preferred. Experience managing projects in a professional services environment is highly valued. 

The project manager is responsible for making sure the client receives the proper service through the proactive attention to planning, analysis, execution, and proper close-out on a project. The project manager is responsible for the day-to-day execution of the project including providing the client and their internal project teams with a clear direction.  The PM’s job is to make sure the project gets completed according to the client’s requirements and company standards.


  •  Provide proper project intake and kickoff, including determining different project types and the appropriate methodology/approach
  • Tailor project management knowledge and skills to all project types;
  •  Guide the client through the project life cycle
  • Facilitate effective client and internal team meetings;
  • Provide meeting agendas and meeting notes for all internal and external team meetings;
  • Plan and proactively manage the implementation, report progress as required both externally and internally;
  • Document client objectives, assumptions and requirements;
  • Identify and quantify risk and plan appropriate responses; 
  •  Proactively apply quality management, change control, risk mitigation, and customer satisfaction control procedures;
  • Monitor progress against plan throughout the project/delivery cycle including time, budget, and quality measures; 
  • Identify threats to the overall project schedule and mitigate
  • Recommend different/better course of action, when appropriate; 
  • Effectively organize project documents and supporting material; 
  • Provide project management, process and/or technical consultative services as needed;
  • Create accurate project requirements and gain authorization from the client;
  •  Create custom client reports and/or workflows/business process maps;
  • May setup and train users on the company’s client review tool;
  • Conduct custodian mapping and data analysis

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