Note to Reporters and Members of the Media

Kazembe and Associates provides trusted counsel to both clients and members of the media seeking legal commentary on various cases or stories.

We encourage reporters and other members of the media to contact us for legal interpretations and opinions related to noteworthy legislation, industry decisions, and court rulings. As authorities in their various legal specialties, the attorneys at Kazembe and Associates are a valuable source of information for media outlets throughout Canada.

The downloadable media kit provides some background information about Kazembe and Associates. For additional information, please visit our or call to arrange an interview.

We understand the time crunches and deadlines reporters work under, and make an effort to work in concert with the media whenever possible, providing information and relevant comments from our attorneys in a timely fashion.

To help us respond as quickly as possible, please address all media inquiries to:

Nadine Spencer
Marketing and Communications Director
P. 416 708 0521