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This could be the most important transaction of your life! Buying and selling property can be onerous and time consuming. You need expert advice and guidance throughout the process to ensure that your interests are protected at all times! Leave nothing to chance. One misstep can result in unbearable losses and lengthy and expensive legal processes. Do it right the first time!
Real Estate Sale and Purchase

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Buying or selling a property is a major transaction that is surprisingly complicated. It is important to have strong legal representation when you are entering into these deals because a real estate lawyer knows how to protect you

We Specialize in all areas of real estate law and can help you navigate through the intricacies of the legally binding documents you need to sign when buying a home. We are here to help you buy your first home, invest in real estate or even move across the street.


The sale or lease of a condominium differs markedly from the sale or lease of a home, and it is important to understand the differences before entering into a major transaction. When entering into a condo agreement it is of the utmost importance to understand what you are signing. Kazembe & Associates can help you protect yourself from the potential far reaching ramifications of these agreements.

The team at Kazembe & Associates is well versed in all legal aspects of condominium sales, lease, and maintenance, and will ensure that you are not taken advantage of in your upcoming transaction. Contact us today for more information regarding the specific circumstances of your condominium sale, purchase, or lease.


When leasing or letting a home have a lawyer look at the documents before you sign. Legally binding lease documents can carry huge ramifications if they aren’t reviewed by a real estate law expert. Kazembe & Associates understands that there is a huge difference in the laws from one region to another and can help you sign the lease that is right for you.

Kazembe & Associates has been practicing real estate law in the Toronto area for many years. Having managed numerous leases for both lessors and lessees, we understand the intricacies of the lease law and will ensure that your contract is ironclad and unimpeachable.


Of all the different areas of real estate law, development may be the most involved and convoluted. Between land acquisitions, building permits, environmental and historical considerations, and all other forms of red tape involved in developing a new or existing property, it can often seem virtually impossible to get your project off the ground.

Kazembe & Associates prides itself on mastering the local intricacies of development real estate law. Are you looking to build a home as an investment property, renovate your home or build your new dream home Kazembe & Associates is here to help. Get the help of an expert lawyer so that you don’t run into huge legal issues during your project.

Leases & Rental Agreements

Both tenants and landlords have rights and obligations, whether they have signed a written lease or not. Nonetheless, a written rental agreement or lease that clearly specifies what a landlord and a tenant agree to when renting a property is still a good idea.

A rental agreement should stipulate the obligations of both the landlord and tenant(s). This will include when rent is due, who is responsible for utilities and other costs and who is responsible for maintenance of the premises and the property.

Trust Deeds

Property deeds are legal instruments that are used to assign ownership of real property, to transfer title to the land and its improvements such as a house.

The amount of paperwork home buyers sign at closing is astounding. Most of those documents will be generated by the buyer’s lender. Without reading them and just signing, it can take buyers hours to finish.

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We’re proud that our law firm offers top-notch legal services for a nationwide affordable pricing! With us you’ll never feel like the lawyers are just robbers in suits, besides, we win 98% of all cases. So with us, your chances of winning are as high as they possibly can be!



We are devoted to providing the legal profession reasonably priced, professional and court room experience attorneys in all types of civil cases.



We can provide qualified and experienced attorneys to you upon short notice for almost any court appearance, both civil and criminal.



We can find attorneys to handle depositions, inspections, trials and who can even help you write your documentation.

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We’re proud that our law firm offers top-notch legal services for a nationwide affordable pricing! With us you’ll never feel like the lawyers are just robbers in suits, besides, we win 98% of all cases. So with us, your chances of winning are as high as they possibly can be!

We aim to support families in resolving their own disputes. We ensure professional consultancy and result.

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Dealing with the legal system is often an overwhelming experience, which is why Kazembe & Associates  emphasizes client communication and personalized service.

Knowing what is happening at all times and having the intricacies of your case explained in approachable language can greatly reduce the stress of your various legal issues.

Kazembe & Associates are committed not only to procuring you an advantageous decision but also to helping make your legal and court experience as stress-free as possible.

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Drawing on decades of experience and a commitment to legal excellence, Kazembe & Associates is acclaimed for its professionalism, robust advocacy, commitment to clients, and most importantly, an excellent track record of courtroom successes.

When it comes to legal issues that will have a lasting effect on your future, you can’t afford to take on sub-par representation.

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