One convenient way to protect your estate from taxation and provide for the future welfare of family members, heirs and others in your charge is to establish a trust. A trust is an arrangement in which assets are managed by an external representative for the benefit of another person.

Trusts can take on many different forms, and can be managed by individuals, boards, companies, and various other entities. When establishing a trust, it is important to take into consideration all applicable laws and regulations in order to ensure maximum protection of the asset. When planning for the future welfare of those who are important to you, it is important to know that your legal counsel has an exemplary track record and top-notch reputation. *Past results are not indicative of future results and each case is determined on its merits*. Kazembe and Associates is widely versed in estate law, and can work with you to develop a comprehensive, unimpeachable trust regardless of the specifics of your particular situation.