Where There’s a Will: Estate Planning

Estate planning is far from a popular task in Western society, which tends to have an aversion to anything death-related. However, it is never wise to leave essential decisions and preparations to the last moment—particularly when one considers the life’s various uncertainties.

By planning your estate in advance, you can save your family a huge amount of stress and added pain in the event of your passing, and also protect large portions of your estate from inheritance taxation. In addition, integrating your advanced directive into a legally binding document can also provide a sense of peace, particularly when facing health issues and the trials of aging.

Although many are put off by the perceived morbidity of creating a will, the reality of life is that our time together is limited, and we can never know for sure how many days we have left. By outlining our last wishes in advance and doing away with any related worries, we can free ourselves to more fully enjoy the time we have with our loved ones, creating a lasting legacy of shared memories that extends far beyond a simple inheritance. 

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