Will Questions

  1. Part I. Family Information

  2. Children [attach a separate sheet if necessary]

  3. Other dependants. (Do you have any legal obligation to support another person in addition to your spouse and children, or have you been providing actual support to anyone other than your spouse and chil¬dren?)

  4. Part II. General

  5. Yes No
  6. Yes No
  7. Yes No
  8. Do you have your own financial planner. investment adviser, account¬ant or life insurance agent?

  9. Part III. Assets

  10. Boats / Cars

  11. Real estate

  12. Bank accounts

  13. Yes No
  14. Safety deposit box

  15. Life insurance

  16. RRSPs, RRIFs, pensions and annuities

  17. Part IV. Liabilities

  18. Mortgages payable by you

  19. Yes No
  20. Yes No
  21. Other debts

  22. Part V. Summary

  23. Part VI. Will Instructions

  24. Yes No
  25. Yes No
  26. Estate should pay Beneficiary pay
  27. Yes No
  28. Special clauses to be included: (to be reviewed with lawyer) Appointment of guardians and custodians for children

  29. Do you wish to make a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property (financial power of attorney)?

  30. Yes No
  31. Do you wish to make a Power of Attorney for Personal Care?

  32. Yes No
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